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Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas - DigitalsOnDemand 15-Item Accessory Bundle For Apple iPad

Brief Product Overview

Undecided over what you can buy for your dad this Father's day? If your dad has an Apple iPad, then this 15-Item Accessory Bundle For New Apple iPad by DigitalsOnDemand will definitely make an awesome present for him.

  • 6 Jul 2017

Do You Need A TV Screen Protector?

There are quite a number of problems, like dust, moisture and scratches, which can damage TV screens. In order to avoid them, you can simply use a TV screen protector. It should be a good quality one or the picture quality can be altered. A screen protector will cost you some additional money but will aid in increasing the life of your television.

  • 1 Jul 2017

Recycling Your Computer After Using It

Computers contain many toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and carcinogens that cause severe damage to the environment. If computers are thrown in the landfill, these toxic substances can leech into the ground and have a serious impact on the water and soil. When disposing of your computer, it is important to do so safely.

  • 5 Jul 2017
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17 Jul 2017
Posted By Linda W.

What Is Exactly Email Encryption?

Email encryption is a term that refers to the encryption as well as the authentication of email or electronic mail messages. Most commonly, email encryption is designed to rely on what is known as public key cryptography. There are a number of popular protocols that are used for the purpose of email encryption, the most notable of which are mail session encryption, identity based encryption, Open PGP encryption, TLS encryption and S/MIME encryption.
1 Aug 2017
Posted By Geoffrey H.

Blog Tips: 8 Ways to Get People to Read your Content

The reason we all write blogs and content for our websites is because we have something that we feel is important to say, and we want to get that message out to the public and to our potential consumers. Unfortunately, as my boss has pointed out in one of his posts that only 16% of people actually read blog posts and the rest of us simply scan them for pertinent information.
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31 Jul 2017
Posted By Joshua E.

How Bluetooth Technology Has Changed The Way We Communicate

The advances in technology in the past century have been extraordinary. From simple local communication abilities, to global, the world has been taking great strides in making technology a part of your daily life. The last few years have brought forth some truly unique technology, with the amount of wireless capabilities and products.Bluetooth technology is by far at the front of the technological train. Bluetooth has changed the way we talk to people on phones from where we work.
1 Jul 2017

9 Great Life Hacks Using Sugru: Howdini Hacks

Howdini found a nifty little product that helps you do lots of cool stuff, from fixing everyday annoyances to imagining clever ways to improve your home. Sugru is ...

21 Jul 2017

CNET Top 5 - Tech gifts under $50

http://www.cnet.com/cnet-top-5/ High tech gifts worth giving, all priced under $50.

17 Jul 2017

Nifty Under $50 #2 - Cool Accessories Under $50

Welcome to a new, experimental series - Nifty Under $50. This series will feature 5 tech-related items (per video) that cost less than $50, with a short review of ...

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